Saturday, 17 August 2013

Star Cruises (Superstar Virgo) (050713 - 070713)

Sorry for the long stagnation in my blog posts! Been posted to a new squadron and July was a hell busy month due to the yearly audit! 

Havent been able to find time for a short overseas trip. Luckily, Yanjun's Aunt has got extra tickets for Star Cruises by exchanging her membership points. The date has been set for the trip a month ago with Yanjun's family. Much thanks to her for providing the free tickets! (:

A well-spent weekend on-board Star Cruises! 

From the walkway towards the Cruise entrance

View from the top of the Cruise

Departure from Harbourfront Centre was about 1915H, and we were allowed to board the Cruise to settle our luggage and have our dinner from as early as 1700H. 

First dinner on-board. Chinese style. 

It's no wonder that many called Singapore the city of lights! Looking at the view when the Cruise departed, it's really a fully-lighted picturesque scene elaborating the Singapore City. 

It was all R&R inside the Cruise. Although there are programmes lined up for the passengers by the management, it is up to one whether to follow by the programmes. On the first night, we went for their theatre performance. a mixture of dance and magic shows, which took a little more than an hour. Damn entertaining, I would say! 

After the show, the passengers can choose to try their luck in the Casino, or have supper at their top deck while enjoying the night breeze.

Yanjun's brother with his cousin! 

A water playground for the kids!

Mini golf course

That long corridor on every level...

Yanjun's cousin. Super cute! 

On the second day, there will be a stopover at a port, depending on whichever dates the Cruise is taken. For our Cruise, it stops over at Port Klang for about 8 hours, for refuelling and stock replenishment. We reach Port Klang at about 1130H and departs back to Singapore at about 1900H. However, unlike the other stopovers at Penang, Langkawi, etc, Port Klang is just a jetty without much entertainment. Walking out from the jetty is a large carpark, and it is definitely inaccessible without a vehicle. Star Cruises have provide transport to their shopping malls and back, at a price of course! 

The jetty 

Teabreak at the small coffeeshop outside the jetty. Enjoying coconut and ice cream under the hot weather. 

Western dinner appetizer

Dinner on-board. Western Style.

Day three was back to Singapore in the afternoon. Be sure to wake up early to catch the sunrise, and I assure you that it will be an unforgettable sight. 

Three days of fun, and it's over... Even though the duration may be short, however the time spent together is invaluable. Seldom would I get a chance to go out with Yanjun's family on a trip together, while relaxing and putting the stress of work at the back of my mind. (: 

A list of activities on-board:
1. Casino
2. Swimming / Jacuzzi
3. Gym (Be sure to bring your own shoes)
4. Mini Golf / Table Tennis
5. Library
6. Arcade 
7. Theatre
8. Pubs / Bars
9. Tai-chi 
10. Kids' club

Anyway, I am planning an overseas trip to Bangkok on the late Nov / early Dec period. Please do let me know what are the things to include in my itinerary! Hit me up on facebook! (: 


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  2. wow, what was the days when you had go on the Singapore cruise. I am very excited from reading this blog.Tank you for sharing your experience an pics.

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