Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Cycling @ Pulau Ubin (010513)

Labour day cycling trip @ Pulau Ubin! 

A long-ago decided trip, but only managed to fulfil our obligations on 1st May. Yanjun and I first met at Changi Village for our breakfast @ approximately 0915H. Following which, we went to the Changi Point Ferry Terminal to board the bumboats to Ubin. Little did we know that the queue was overflowing and there were about 80 to 100s of people queuing in front of us! Luckily we had only two people, and we took the"shortcut way". Each ride took about 15mins and cost S$2.50 per person. 

We rented our bike @ S$10 for the entire day from one of the shops a distance away from the jetty. 

Following the directional signs, we cycled to the bike park as our first destination. Throughout the journey, there are steep slopes, mountain trails, and bridges to cross. Fret not! Stalls selling drinks are available at certain points so that we are remain hydrated along the way. 

A typical stall selling cold drinks and coconut

 Sceneries along the way

Map of "Ketam Mountain Bike Park"

Next stop - Chek Jawa Wetlands! 

Chek Jawa Wetlands is another part of the island where many cyclist would throng. It would be a disappointment if Chek Jawa Wetlands is missed out during a cycling trip. There's a stretch of boardwalk available for the tourists/cyclists to enjoy the scenery, inhale the fresh air, while admiring the coastline of Pulau Ubin. 

Seems like she's looking at an airplane for the first time in her life

Walking back to retrieve our bicycles which need to be parked before the boardwalk, we saw something which is kinda uncommon in Singapore. There were a drove of wild boars sashaying just before us! The male and female parent took their drift of seven piglets out for an afternoon walk I guess. They were perpetually undisturbed by us! Many cyclists stopped in their tracks suddenly and took out their handphones to snap a quick one before they scoot off quickly into the woods. Me of course, wouldn't miss out this opportunity. 

Our entire cycling trip took us about 3.5 hours to complete while enjoying the scenery at the same time. Definitely enjoyed ourselves and a place to return for loads of cycling trips again! (:

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