Saturday, 20 April 2013

Tanjung Pinang (Elly's Kelong) (270313 - 290313)

Next up, short overseas trip number 2!

This post has been nearly a month's late. The previous post on this place was on December 2012. Similarly, same place, but different company.

This trip was kinda rushed as we had only one day of rest, returning from Genting Highlands, before embarking on this place.

Lets kickstart this post from the first day, one day after Genting Highlands. The ferry tickets were bought on the departure date itself. Departure @ Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT).

View from TMFT departure gate

Falcon-II ferry to Tg. Pinang. Tickets @ S$50 each

Arrival @ Tg. Pinang jetty

From the jetty, an approximate 50 minutes car ride is required to reach the kelong. On the journey, you can request the driver to stop at the supermarket to purchase some groceries to last you for the trip. 

Arriving at the kelong, after settling some administrative matters with the in-charge, you can proceed to fish, or have your lunch/dinner (depending on ferry timings). 

Views of the kelong. Much has been renovated since a couple of years ago. Fishing rates has dropped, but its definitely a good place to relax, and get away from the bustling Singapore. 

A typical room with A/C. 

For their food, which is cooked by Elly's wife, I highly recommend the Fried Noodles aka Mee Goreng. Oily but delicious. (:
Fresh fruit juices are also recommended, and the more popular ones are apple & orange juices.

Mee goreng, stir-fried tofu & vegetables

Seafood soup, eggs & deep-fried frogs

Chilli crabs

Fresh orange juice

Just out of the long walkway of the kelong, there's a minimart opposite. The chendol sold over there is heavenly, and this, you have to trust me. 

Their chendol in glasses. Sweet and refreshing especially under the hot weather.

Nothing much to be said about fishing there now. The few of the patrons there didnt caught much as well. Kinda disappointing, but might as well take the time to rest & relax! Caught a small stingray on the second night, first in a very long time. 

Ferry was at 5PM on the last day, and we could still squeeze in a little time for shopping before departure to SG. Went to their local shopping centre, claiming which it was the largest on the island. "Ramanaya" which was only two levels high. Snacked at their local "KFC" and got prepared to depart off to Singapore! 

More pictures can be found on my facebook! (:

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