Monday, 4 November 2013

Squadron's 30th Anniversary Dinner @ Parkroyal Hotel Beach Road (011113)

Havent been updating this blog lately! Been trying very hard to find a gauge with my work-life balance hahahaha!

Anyway, my squadron celebrated its 30th birthday at Parkroyal Hotel @ Beach Road last Friday. It was a privilege to celebrate the squadron's 30th anniversary despite being so new at the squadron. Guests were seated at 1900H and the host kicked off the event with an opening address by our CO, and a walk-in parade by the servers. 

Games and shows put up by the hosts and guests entertained us throughout the event. One of the show which amazed me greatly was a mind-reading show put up buy a famous local entertainer, Ferris Yao. You can search for him here:

Some of the great acts which he put up, shocked me for a moment, and made me bewildered at how can he be so ridiculously good! The 20 to 30 minutes show did not make me blink for a second (nah, just kidding). However, it made me wondered if there's more after each of his acts.

Nevertheless, my squadron mates and I truly had fun and enjoyed the dinner. Much thanks and kudos to the planning committee for creating this event to let down our hair despite our hectic work life!

Some of the pictures taken after the dinner:

 Cyrus acting awkward after some glasses of beer. HAHAHA! 

A group photo immediately after the event

Some group photos taken outside the ballroom

Johnny acting smart (well, kinda!)

Some photos in the gallery as well...

Oh cos, not forgetting a shot of myself. Oops! 

My two brothers! 

Oh wells, introducing the latest boyband from the military! "New Direction"?

Till then!

galvinpangg signing off! (:

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