Friday, 22 March 2013

SG Flyer (090313)

Sorry for the late post, but lots of pictures coming right up!

As stated in the title, Yanjun decided to give me a surprise by inviting me at having a go at the Singapore Flyer, as part of our 2nd year anniversary. Okay.. I am not afraid to admit that its my first time taking the Flyer hahahahaha! 

The picturesque views from the cabin! 

The above two pictures showcase the high-rise buildings that Singapore have, a similar situation as in Hong Kong. A scene that makes me feel that we are living in a city that is overpopulated.

I like this picture best. Don't you feel that it emphasis the fact that Singapore is a clean & green city?

Dining in the cabin. Something which ought to be tried! 

The roads being prepared for the F1 Night Race held in September! 

The overpopulated road leading to Marina Bay Sands (MBS), due to the quarterly IT Show.

Background - MBS

Each round lasted about 30minutes, and before you enter the cabin for the ride, you will pass through an interactive room where it showcases the Flyer being built from scratch. Patrons can engage themselves answering the quizzes and taking pictures inside. 

Famished after the ride, dinner was dimsum! We went to Marina Square for the dimsum dinner, the shop name also known as 包今天,Bao Today (#02-234 to 236). It sure was crowded but luckily, we didn't wait very long to get a table. 

Yes, that's me. I can't wait to indulge myself in the food, while Yanjun is busy taking pictures. 

Tried the current in-thing now, the custard bun. 

The total bill came out to be close to $40, not exactly expensive and considering that we were quite full after dinner. I would strongly recommend the custard bun, chicken feet, paper wrapped chicken and their chee cheong fun. 

Last but not least, I will be off to Genting & Tanjung Pinang over the next few days! Shall post more when I am back! Enjoy reading and takecare guys! (: 


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