Friday, 1 March 2013

Saturday Jetty Fishing @ Pulau Ubin (230213)

Following my addiction for fishing, my coursemate and I decided to meet up for a fishing trip at Pulau Ubin. Didnt tried fishing at the jetty before, and I was rather shocked that there're quite a number of anglers congregating around there. 

Oh well, didn't really manage to catch alot, and the sizes was only about palm size. However, I was rather surprised that one of the anglers landed an approximately 600~700 grams Barramundi. I have never saw such fish being caught in such shallow waters off the jetty. Did not took a picture of it, but I swear that I am gonna have a try at fishing that the next time I visit Pulau Ubin. 

Some of the creatures caught. 

(Leather Jacket - its name getting from the rough skin it has)

Grouper (a small one though)

Flower Crab

We ended off having lunch at one of the small seafood restaurants over 2 to 3 minutes walk from the jetty. For durian lovers, durian are in abundance there as well. (:


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