Monday, 11 March 2013

1D Batam Getaway 2013 (020313)

Apparently, Yanjun and I planned this trip two weeks in advance. Before I dont have much time in the near future, we quickly spent some time together going on a short getaway from the shores of Singapore.

View from our ferry, Batam Fast @ 0930. 

Upon reaching Batam Centre, most of the shops in the shopping mall linked via the overhead bridge weren't even opened. We spent about about 30 minutes walking along the empty corridors of the shopping mall. What greeted us was just a few shops opening up for the day. Browsed through some of these shops, and bought a couple of accessories for Yanjun, a few items from the supermarket (megamart), while having our breakfast at the A&W on the ground floor.

Ordered the two-piece chicken meal, added with a regular curly fries after quite some time of miscommunication... However, this A&W at the shopping mall wasn't equipped with the root beer float machine! And it seems like the machine wasn't working for a long time. Quite disappointed, yet angry for not being able to try their trademark drink. It's no wonder why I just see a couple of customers walk-in throughout my entire breakfast duration there. 

Before proceeding to our next destination, we tried the local Baskin Robbins Ice-cream, and I swear it was delicious. It's much cheaper as compared to Singapore, and it definitely taste as good! 

Straight afterwards, we took the cab to Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre, the biggest mall in Batam (if I am not wrong). The first thing we did after we arrived was to spend 90 minutes massaging. The rates were cheap, S$22 for 90 minutes (excluding local tax).

I believe we are not supposed to consume food immediately after our massage, hence, we did a short walk in the shopping mall before having our lunch.

Lunch was at Ayam Penyet Ria, a store name which is practically known in KL, Indonesia and Singapore. We shared a serving of Ayam Penyet with their rendition of Avocado Juice. Dessert was the local chendol, bought from one of those standalone push carts in the mall. Priced at RP$10,000 which was about S$1.30, it was quite a huge serving and tasted a little too sweet. However, I feel that there were too much coconut milk in it, which makes those wary of their weight to eat less!

Shopped around for local goods, clothing, accessories before we proceeded for our dinner.  We browsed several outlets, buying some clothing, accessories, shoes, including the famous locally made Kueh Lapis back to Singapore.

The place for dinner was similar to my previous post (titled Batam 2012), except it's a sister restaurant. Golden Prawn 933 is located just beside the Golden Prawn 555 restaurant. Both operates on the same concept and overlook a fishing pond. Taking a cab there from Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre costs about RP$60,000 similar to S$7.90.

At both Golden Prawn restaurants, you can select your seafood, fresh off their ponds situated at the restaurant entrance itself. We ordered Gong-Gong, Salted Egg Crab, Fried Calamari, Sambal Kangkong and a large coconut to share among the two of us. Total cost of the meal is approx. S$40.

After dinner, it was straight to rush back to Batam Centre for our ferry back to Singapore. Reached Singapore at about 9PM local time. Total money spent was S$240!


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