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Tanjung Pinang (Bintan) 2012 (271112 - 291112)

Went for a 3D2N fishing trip to Tanjung Pinang with my parents and friends. Took the 0920HRS WaveMaster Ferry after encountering a 30 minutes delay at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

Exchange rate was at SGD$1 = IDR$7870

Targeted at avid anglers, Tanjung Pinang, located on the south of Bintan Island, is a large city where many Singaporeans flock to over the weekends to relax and enjoy. There is nothing much really, except shopping for local produces, spa and massages, water sports, and of course fishing!

Have been travelling to and fro to this island for close to ten times over the past few years! Remembering the last visit was before BMT.

Main purpose of this trip, like always, was to fish, of course! Went back to the same resort that we visited previously, because of its nice service and wonderful food. Ocean Bay Resort, previously known as Gurindam Resort many years back, is well populated by Singaporeans like us during the weekends.

Things to do:
- Pool table
- Swimming/ snorkelling
- Karaoke
- Massage
- Fishing

DAY 1:
Was full of hopes for this place because of the fishes caught few years back, and the comfort and serenity of the place. However, I was utterly disappointed the moment I stepped inside. Even though there wasn't much changes, the fishes available for in the pond was pathetic. Usually, fishes (big or small) can be seen swarming around in schools, yet none of the big fishes can be seen at all. With a heavy heart, we settled down, started to fish and have our lunch.

Entrance to Ocean Bay Resort

Seafood Restaurant

The views of the Resort. You can notice the clear water where it is available for fishing. These "attap houses" are our "hotels" for the night. There is no aircon, hot water and TV available, so ladies, I am afraid you would be bored there!

Even though the price is on a high side, the food served was fantastic. Being an island
resort, surround by the seas, the main dishes would inevitably, be seafood. I would recommend crabs, which are of abundance there. The price is much cheaper compared to Singapore. Fishes would be rather expensive, without much difference with the prices in Singapore. 

Night View

Recommendation: I would not recommend going to Ocean Bay Resort as the fishing there is really pathetic. Bites were minimal and safety becomes an issue as there hasn't been any upgrading works going on for a long time. The only thing I would recommend would be the food served there. They were much more delicious and the service provided by the staffs is fantastic. Tipping: SGD$2/IDR$20000

DAY 2:
Frustrated with the fishing in Ocean Bay Resort, we rented a vehicle to go over to another resort, just about 3 minutes drive away. Locally known as Elly's Resort, it works the same concept as Ocean Bay. Renovated just about a year ago, most of the rooms are provided with air-conditioning now. At a cheaper price, SGD$30 for a room with air-com, compared with SGD$35 with the one at Ocean Bay, without air-conditioning. 

After some discussion, we decided to move over to Elly's Resort. Haven't been there for about 5 years now, and much have been changed. Everything looks nicer and there are more fishes in the pond, compared to Ocean Bay. 

View of Elly's Resort

Similarly, there is a Karaoke room available in the resort. One can spend his/her free time inside singing your lungs out, or walk around the resort viewing the sea creatures in the pond, or walk out to the few groceries store outside the resort to curb your hunger and try out the local delights. 

We took the large rooms, with two beds, air-conditioning and TV set, costing just SGD$50. It is twice as large as the rooms in Ocean Bay.

At certain hours of the day, the tide would go low and you would notice the locals getting out and pick up clams for their food and cans so that they could be sold for money. 

The locals, carrying their barang barang and get to work

The sight of the pond during low tide. Corals, rocks and seaweed could all be seen.

Largest fish caught at the end of the trip. Raining in the morning, thus accounting for the wet hair.

Recommendation: Elly's Resort would be a better place to consider rather than Ocean Bay. There is less of a language barrier as the resort is managed by a Teochew boss. Food and accommodation is cheaper, and Karaoke sound system is better. With fences around the resort and the recent renovation, it is much safer and comfortable. Friendly boss as well. (:

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